Muscle Exercise

How many exercises per muscle group I do

How many exercises per muscle group I do need to do per day or per week to achieve a body figure I wanted.

Lots of exercises are an understatement; we wound up doing the one-to-one to one exercise. For example, everyone does the frog lunge. The instructor tells you to do the one-to-one exercises and then the six sets of leg exercises.

Now the leg exercises can be broken up. If you only do one exercise and then rest for a minute or so, you only need one set of exercises. So we wind up doing six sets of one exercise and then one set of the six-to-one exercises and then one set of one exercise. Then you rest, then you start again.

The progression is to do a lot of exercises. You get tired. The exercises increase in difficulty, but you do three or four per set. After three or four sets you start doing one exercise and rest for a minute, then move on. Eventually, you’re doing more than one exercise per set. That’s about the extent of it.

It was a very, very grueling workout. Afterward, I was exhausted and sore. I also did a lot of the exercises but I didn’t go through the full sequence. The instructor wanted to avoid people doing the exercises for more than a couple of weeks in a row. So I would do a couple of sets of a few exercises and then sit out for one or two sets before I went back to do some more.